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Warrington Town Hall

Warrington Town Hall was designed and built by James Gibbs in the 1750s for Thomas Patten. The Patten family arrived in Warrington in the 17th century and over the next decades steadily grew from renowned local merchants to well-respected industrialists. They amassed a considerable amount of fortune which also elevated their ranks in the English society well into the 19th century. The Warrington Town Hall, which was previously known as the Bank Hall, was regarded as the finest building of its time, attesting to the splendor of the Pattens.

Today, as you approach the Warrington Town Hall, the first sight that you accost is the magnificent entryway with golden gates that open into the building. These gates are about 20ft in height and are 6 in total, with the columns having gold statues of goddesses mounted atop their columns. Tall iron lamps with intricate black detailing are spaced across the entryway. A huge archway extends over the expanse of the gates, and sports the blue and red coat of arms of the Warrington Borough Council. This provides a stunning contrast to the black and gold intricate detailing on the gate, rendering it a timeless look. The entryway is so grand that it was exhibited at the International Exhibition in London in 1862. The walls that flank the building were built in the late 1800s as the community grew larger, and the need for privacy arose.

Past the gates, the Warrington Hall beckons. It has a white colored house which is actually the main building. It has four columns that carry the arms of the house Patten. These columns divide the front of the building into three distinct parts. There are three small square windows on the uppermost parts and three long arc-shaped windows in the lowermost parts. The middle lower part however has half a window; however, with a black main door that opens directly into the hall. This door has an open two-way staircase also made with black ornamental iron railings that extends to the foot of the driveway.

The main building is flanked by two brown colored annexes. All the windows are fringed with white detailing with semicircular and triangular arcs above the lower ones. There are tall black iron lamp posts that extend across the entire anterior of the Warrington Town Hall, including the annexes — which are surrounded by lush green flowerbeds in the front, and trees at their sides that extend the entire posterior of the Warrington town hall.

Directions to Warrington Town Hall

Train: Take a train at the Warrington Bank Quay station or the Warrington Central station. The hall is a 7 and 9 minutes’ walk respectively from their stop.

Bus: Take a bus from any of these stations— the Town Hall, White Hart or Legh Street— in Warrington. The hall is 4 minutes’ walk away from their respective stops.

You can also take a bus from Thyne Street station in Bank Quay. The hall is 6 minutes’ walk away from their stop.


Warrington Town Hall

Sankey Street Warrington

WA1 1UH,

United Kingdom.

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