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Walton Hall, Cheshire

Walton Hall, is found in Walton, Warrington, Cheshire, England. It is a country house that was built in the 1800s by the greenall family. This architectural piece comes with a lot of historical features that gives you a cue of how the people of that age appreciated beauty. In fact, it took two years for the Walton hall to be built–from 1836 to 1838, this is another pointer to the fact that the builders took their time on this work of art.

The land on which this hall is built was originally purchased by Edward Greenall, since it was not in use throughout the time of his life, it was passed onto his son Sir Gilbert Greenall, who built Walton Hall. Brown bricks with stone dressing was used to build the 2½ storey building. There was actually a building on the location which was later demolished for a new one to be built.

The old building that stood at the place where the Walton hall is now, was destroyed, in other to build Walton hall. There was an extension and addition of more offices to the building in 1870 which was destroyed in 1990, leaving just the Walton hall.

Sir Gilbert Greenall lived fifty six more years before he died, in the year 1894. After his death Walton hall, was inherited by his only son, Gilbert. The Walton hall is classified as a second grade building by national list for England. In the Walton hall Diana, there is a sculpture of Rachael, sculpted by wood Warrington and paid for by Gilbert Greenall. In 1938 Gilbert died and Edward his son, inherited the Walton hall.

Although, he sold the Walton hall, in the year 1941 to Warrington Borough Council which then, was known as Warrington corporation. In 1990, the extensions were destroyed leaving behind just the tower. In 1945, it was open to the public. In present day, Walton hall is hired for several events, including weddings. There are play grounds, a zoo and overall it is a sight to behold. There are also provisions for adoption of pets at the petting zoo. If you are interested in eating good foods, there are also good restaurants and other attractions, within five miles.

How to Locate

If you are driving from A56, it is 2 miles south of Warrington from that direction. Car parking is also available and on week days, it costs £3, and on weekends, it costs £4.00, and for coaches, it costs £8.

If you are commuting; that is, using public transport,  you should use warrington bank quay because, it is the closest train station to Walton hall–it is just 2.4 miles away from Walton hall and gardens. You could decide to walk the remaining distance or board a bus or taxi at warrington bank quay.

Contact Information

Address: Walton Hall Gardens, Walton Lea Road, Higher Walton, Warrington, WA4 6SN England.


Phone number: 01925 262908


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