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The Grappenhall Walled Garden

The Grappenhall walled garden situated at Grappenhall Warrington, is one of England’s most historical gardens. The garden stretches over fifteen acres, with horticultural decorative walls built around it to enhance its uniqueness and beauty. 

Warrington native Thomas Parr originally built the garden in 1830 as a mansion garden for his estate. The garden was unusually intended to serve two purposes; A pleasure garden suited for strolls and relaxation, and a kitchen garden for cultivating fruits, herbs, and vegetables. To this day, despite significant changes, the garden has continued to serve these two purposes.

After creation, the garden became much more than a recreational garden courtesy of its serene and beautiful designs. Thomas parr and his family regularly used the garden for galas and frequently hosted special community events and occasions. 

One such event was the popular annual community “beating the bounds” ceremony. The ceremony included walking round boundaries of towns like Appleton, Lymn, and Grappenhall, including the garden as it was an important artifact of the town.

According to historical records, the walled garden reached its peak height between 1875 and 1899, with its popularity soaring. This trend was maintained for several decades before the garden began a phase of decline.

By the mid 20th century, the garden had been abandoned and forsaken, with some parts sold off. The estate steep in popularity continued, leading to the demolishing of the mansion in 1970. The garden was spared for amenity’s sake and was passed to the national regeneration agency, English partnership for renovation.

In 2005, the garden’s control rights were passed to the Grappenhall and Thelwall parish council, who, in collaboration with a group known as “the friends of the Grappenhall walled garden,” continued the restoration.

The garden earned the heritage lottery fund award in 2012 which was used to repair all of its damaged glasshouses and complete its restoration. 

The pleasure garden of the Grappenhall walled garden is surrounded by an herbaceous border, has three ponds, specimen trees, and wooded thickets. The path way of the garden is dubbed the “master walk.”

The kitchen garden is used for cultivating fruits, herbs and vegetables, and is groomed by the Warrington organic gardening society. Some of the fruits grown in the kitchen garden include different pear varieties and apples grown in an orchard. The garden glasshouses are used for cultivating tomatoes and grapes.

The garden incorporates surreal facilities that are of high quality. Some of these include restrooms, a free access and café. The garden earned a green flag award for its high standard and eco-friendly facilities in 2018. 


Location: Garden at Witherwin avenue close to the roundabout that intersects Lumb Brook road, Grappenhall, south Warrington, WA4 3DS Cheshire, England.

Board a bus at the m6, at junction 20 or the m56 at junction 10 and follow the B5356 to Appleton thorn. Follow the road leading to the village center and locate the church with a thornbush beside it. Follow the route till you get to the roundabout at Witherwin avenue.


The Grappenhall walled garden

Witherwin avenue


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