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Sankey Valley Park

Sankey Valley Park, is a park found in Warrington, Cheshire, England.  It is a public park or nature reserve and just as the name implies, it is located at Sankey Valley, covering a part of it.

In a park like Sankey Valley Park, there are many beautiful things to see like the animals; swans, squirrels, owls, hedgehogs, foxes and even butterflies that beautiful decorate the place in summer time.

Nature is at its abundance in this park, during spring time, there is blossoming of several beautiful wild flowers. Also this park, is a place where hikers go if they want to hike, it’s almost perfect. The middle section of the park, has grassland that can be used for children’s play or picnic. The park also has a maze that can be used for hide and seek.

Sankey canal, is the first canal in England and Sankey Valley Park being close to it, follows its course. It the 1700s, precisely 1757, canals were used as a means of transportation for coal from mines. The route of this coal transportation was from, the surrounding area around St. Helens to liverpool and Cheshire markets. When the use of rail was introduced as a means of transportation of coals, the canal’s attention diminished gradually, as people started giving preference to transporting by train than transporting through canals.

Sankey Valley gets its shape from the canal and its movement. The Sankey canal, still stands till today and was left open to the public until 1963. However, it’s under restoration as some authorities thought it wise to bring it to its former glory, authorities like; Warrington’s local authority, Halton’s local authority and St Helens too. These are authorities found around Sankey Valley Park, distance of not more than 3 miles. Also, a body was formed, named Sankey canal restoration society. This body was formed for the sole aim of restoring the canal to its length and even making it more beautiful, also, restoring it’s routes so that it can be used not just as an attraction but as transportation means.

There’s an old hall on the western side of the park which is known as Bewsey old hall. Bewsey hall, dates far back to the 13th century. It’s the home of Warrington lords, back in the 13th century. In the 18th to 20th century, there was little bit of rebuilding and expansion, trying to include a kitchen and a farmhouse. It’s speculated that Sir thomas Ireland, designed this hall in 1600. Currently, the hall s a three storey building, not as beautiful as it was.

How To Locate Sankey Valley Park

On the road, it’s off Blackbrook Road (A58), St.Helens, beside Ship Inn public house. The car park is at the rear part.

Using public transport,  get in a bus at St Helen’s town center. Either bus number 20, 320 or 620, any will do.

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Phone number: 01925 571836

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