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RAF Burtonwood

RAF Burtonwood or Royal Air Force Burtonwood is a U.S. Army Air Forces base and old Royal Air Force situated in Burtonwood, Northwest of Warrington in Cheshire, England. It was established in 1940 as a result of the Second World War by the RAF. The base was transferred to the U.S. because of war operations in 1942. It was home to about 18,000 U.S. servicemen at the end of the war. Later, in 1946, it was given back to the U.K. It was formally closed in 1993. Since that time, the runway and it’s associated houses have been pulled down.

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RAF Burtonwood Heritage Centre was launched on the former base part and concentrated on servicemen lives, the base airplanes, and the war. The heritage center is situated in the Gulliver World theme park around Warrington. The center has free entrance. It’s entrance is in Gulliver’s World theme park and can’t be used without the ticket of the theme park until it is closed. The center famously breeds nostalgia plus reunion events.

Meanwhile, the center has five exhibit concentrations that focus on the living origin of Burtonwood. The five areas include;

  • GI Brides; This area has wedding dresses, the stories of how people converge, and the descendants and their connections with the base.
  • The living history of Buttonwood; This houses planes, people, base timeline, base life, and aviation art. It equally features Europe’s biggest airbase, the heritage links, and local landmarks.
  • The planes of RAF Burtonwood; This area features the working operation base, the assembly line engine, and other RAF equipment.
  • The personal and entertainment stories; This deals with base stories and their people.
  • And Everyday life; This section tells the everyday life during the war years.

Significantly, more than 18,500 Americans were in RAF Burtonwood in the second world war, while more than 70,000 servicemen served in its 54 years history following the 1993 closure. In another development, the base’s impact on Warrington and the local community was great to G.I.s in its history.

RAF Burtonwood serves as a special link between the U.K. people and U.S. troops. Not all were soldiers; the base effectively transformed several civilian’s life. RAF Burtonwood operates to preserve the base memory, and it has been fortunate to receive several artifacts, such as the equipment used in the base.

How to Locate the RAF Burtonwood Heritage Centre

By Car

When going by car, make use of the Gulliver’s World address.

By Train

Take a train to a Warrington Bank Quay station or Warrington Central. At the left of the central station and across the corner is Warrington Bus Station. That’s the place you will enter bus numbers 17C or 18 to the drive top. From the place, it’s just a five-minute distance o the entrance.

From the Bank Quay Station, go to the Warrington center to the bus station and enter the bus to the base.


RAF Burtonwood Heritage Centre,

Gulliver’s World Warrington,


United Kingdom


Contact- 01925 591209

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