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Paddington used to be one of the parishes making up the district of Warrington but it has been granted parishood in its right. It was joined with Woolston. Its boundaries are made up of River Mersey (South), Bruche and Padgete (West) while Ruston and Birchwood are on its east and north boundaries respectively.

Prior to 1970, the district used to be a rural area dealing solely on agriculture but this was upturned with the emergence of the M6 motorway developed in its Eastern side. The farms in the area were subsequently demolished in the 1990s and the parish was renamed ‘Woolston’. Paddington now serves as the residential district of Warrington Borough as it is made up of plenty of families.

It also serves as a tourist attraction for many foreigners due to its closeness to nature and wildlife. It is sited at the foot of Mersey Valley which explains its relatively low height when compared to surrounding communities.

Paddington is made up of various waterways including the Manchester Ship Canal.

The Paddington District is majorly covered with warehouses. The ‘Grange’ houses its largest warehouse as it was built close to the M6 motorway. Paddington also houses several other smaller businesses which include: Big Storage and Paragon Framing. It also has an industrial estate (New cut), which deals on fabrication of metals, it was named after the River Mersey.

Aside from being home for tourism and wildlife exploration, Paddington also boasts of a leisure centre, created in 1972 to serve as a relaxation spot for its residents. It has several facilities such as : Swimming pools, Squash courts, Gym facilities amongst others.

According to the 2001 census, Paddington has 7,156 people, of which 51.7% are females while 48. 3% are males. The village has 1788 households; 88.3% are occupied by owners while 11.4% are rented.

Its major means of transportation is through roads. Its Buses usually ply along Grmagew, Birchwood and Longwood. The nearest airport is the Manchester Airport.

The district has only one Secondary school ; Kings Leadership Academy and several primary schools.

Starting from Bruche Primary School located at Seymour Dr, Paddington, Warrington WA1 3TT, United Kingdom head southeast via Seymour Dr and Birchdale Rd to Aj Convenience and Paddington post office located at Forbuoys Plc, 534 Manchester Rd, Paddington, Warrington WA1 3TZ, United Kingdom

From Aj Convenience and Paddington post office head west via Manchester Rd to Paddington House Hotel located at 514 Manchester Rd, Paddington, Warrington WA1 3TZ, United Kingdom.

From Paddington House Hotel head north east via Manchester Road/A57 to Commissioner Square located at Paddington, Warrington WA1 3GL, United Kingdom

From Commissioner Square head northwest via Commissioner Square to Goats Gym & Fitness Centre located at 6 Commissioner Square, Paddington, Warrington WA1 3HL, United Kingdom

From Goats Gym & Fitness Centre head northeast via Commissioner Square and Thorn Rd to Bruche Primary School located at Seymour Dr, Paddington, Warrington WA1 3TT, United Kingdom

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