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Orford is a suburb district located in Warrington, Cheshire, England. Before now, Orford used to be a tiny area northward of Warrington township center. Its size grew after accommodating other smaller villages like Longford. Orford Hall, a landmark structure in Orford District was demolished in 1930 to pave way for the community park where the residents can always relax.    

The park was formally opened in 2012. Backbone family and Booth’s family are two notable families in Orford district. While the former is famous for establishing a municipal library at Warrington, the latter on the other hand, built Orford House in the mid eighteenth century.

According to the last census count of 2001,Orford has a population of 10,950 people. While females make up 50.5% of the entire population, males make up 49.5%. 36.3 years is the average age of its populace. Majority of the populace, 98.5%, are of white racial origin, mixed origin are 0.5%, Blacks and Asians make up 0.1% and 0.7% respectively.

Orford is made up of 4,418 households. 65.3% of the houses are occupied by owners, 27.5% are houses owned by the council while 4.7% are houses rented from private individuals.

As regards employment, of members of the wards, 59.1% of its economically viable residents are gainfully employed. However, the unemployment rate of the ward is at 4.6%. 2.2% of its population are into full-time education. About 34.3% of the populace on the other hand are not economically viable ( as a result of retureo or prolonged ailment).

The major means of transportation is through roads. Its Buses usually ply Gorse Covert, Birchwood and Winwick road so as to connect with other communities. Its closest railway stations are located in Manchester and Liverpool.

As regards education, Orford has one secondary school ; Beaumont Collegiate Academy and plehira of primary schools.

Starting from Orford Jubilee Neighbourhood Hub located at Orford, Jubilee Way, Warrington WA2 8HE, United Kingdom head southeast to Saint Ann’s Church Warrington located at Central Ave, Orford, Warrington WA2 8AJ, United Kingdom

From Saint Ann’s Church Warrington head southeast via Alder Ln to Rees Veterinary Centre – Warrington located at 86 Orford Ave, Warrington WA2 7QQ, United Kingdom

From Rees Veterinary Centre head southeast via Fitzherbert St to The Vintage Deer Co located at 29 Shaw’s Ave, Orford, Warrington WA2 8AU, United Kingdom

From The Vintage Deer Co head due north via Vale Ave and Lathom Ave to St Ann’s C Of E Primary School  at Lathom Ave, Warrington WA2 8AL, United Kingdom

From St Ann’s C Of E Primary School head north west via Alder Ln to Orford Jubilee Neighbourhood Hub located at Orford, Jubilee Way, Warrington WA2 8HE, United Kingdom.

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