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Fearhead is a suburb of Warrington located in  Cheshire, England. It is an old area majorly comprising waste, moss, and wood that was later brought into cultivation by Poulton manor tenants. The population is about 17,019 persons, according to the 2001 U.K census.

Fearnhead is located in an uninteresting area, flat and without trees. There is a lack of any exciting pictures to entice passers-by into revisiting the area. The neighborhood has open fields where diverse crops are farmed, such as turnips, potatoes, corn, and clover.

The River Mersey South connects the boundary, having a clear turn. Thus, the flat pastures are circled by the stream at three sides, while the Mersey Navigation has a land promontory to all island purposes on the north. Poulton with Fearnhead geological formation comprises completely of the mottled sandstone of the new red sandstone bunter series. Its soil is mainly alluvial towards the south and becomes clay northside.

The neighborhood’s two portions are united for one aim apart from road maintenance. In the south, Poulton has about 703 statute acres. And It’s crossed by major roads from Warrington to Manchester, through Liverpool, and Manchester parts of the Cheshire Lines railway, alongside the Padgate station.

What’s more, the Poulton village sits upon the ancient highway between Bolton and Warrington, formerly called ‘Padgate,’ that has dashed its name to brooks separating Warrington from the township.

Fearnhead, towards the north, is formerly termed a Poulton Hamlet, but it was part of Woolston in the 13th century. It has a place of about 616 acres, alongside house groups in Fearnhead Cross.

Finally, it is vital to add that the suburb is ruled by a church council. The parish or church includes eastern and northern Warrington suburbs, and it borders the Croft parishes on the north.

Starting from University of Chester, Warrington Campus located at Crab Ln, Fearnhead, Warrington WA2 0DB, United Kingdom head northwest via Crab Ln Broomhead Library located at 18 Stromness Cl, Fearnhead, Warrington WA2 0TF, United Kingdom

From Broomhead Library northwest via Crab Ln to Warrington Wolves PDRL Training Barn located at Crab Ln, Warrington WA2, Crab Ln, Fearnhead, Warrington, United Kingdom

From Warrington Wolves PDRL Training Barn head east via Crab Ln and Enfield Park Rd to Cinnamon Brow CE Primary School located at Perth Cl, Fearnhead, Warrington WA2 0SF, United Kingdom

From Cinnamon Brow CE Primary School head southeast via Cinnamon Ln to Fearnhead Cross Medical Centre located at Fearnhead, Warrington WA2 0PF, United Kingdom

From Fearnhead Cross Medical Centre head northeast via Fearnhead Ln to University of Chester, Warrington Campus

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